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Geotechnical Engineering
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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. Geotechnical engineering includes investigating existing subsurface conditions and materials; determining their physical/mechanical and chemical properties that are relevant to the project considered, assessing risks posed by site conditions; designing earthworks and structure foundations; and monitoring site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction.


• Geotechnical Field Explorations/ Investigations
• Ground Water Evaluation
• Foundation Design and Recommendations
      • Shallow Foundation System Analysis
      • Deep Foundation System Analysis
      • Settlement Analysis
• Ground Motion Response Spectra
• Seismic Risk Analysis
• Liquefaction and Seismic Settlement Analysis
• Slope Stability Investigation and Analysis
• Seismic Deformation Analysis of Slopes
• Site Reconnaissance
• Lateral Earth Pressure Analysis
• Tie-Back Analysis
• Pavement Design and Recommendations
• Shrinkage and Subsidence Analysis
• Instrumentation and Monitoring
• Comprehensive Geotechnical Engineering (Soils) Report for:
        • Commercial and industrial buildings
        • Bridges
        • Mass Grading Projects
        • Field Improvements
        • Parks/Sports Facilities
        • Schools, Colleges and Educational Facilities
          (DSA Jurusdiction)
        • Hospitals (OSHPD Jurisdiction)

KGS gauge


            Shear Test

Engineering Geology

Engineering Geology is the application of the geologic sciences to engineering practice for the purpose of assuring that the geologic factors affecting the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering works are recognized and adequately provided for.


• Fault Trenching
• Seismic Hazard Evaluation
• Geologic Mapping
• Landslide Evaluation
• Slope Stability Evaluation
• Subsurface Exploration
• Aerial Photography Review
• Review of Geologic Literature




Laboratory Testing

• Atterberg Limits
• Consolidation
• Density
• Direct Shear
• Direct Shear Remolded Sample
• Durability Index
• Expansion Index
• Hydrometer Analysis
• Maximum Density
• Moisture Content
• R- Value
• Specific Gravity
• Soundness
• Swell
• Sieve Analysis
• #200 Wash
• Sand Equivalent
• Unconfined Compression
• Unit Weight
• Asphalt Extraction
• Marshall, Hveem
• Resistivity
• pH
• Sulphate
• Chloride
• Corrosion Series
• Specific Gravity

Grading, Field Testing and Monitoring

• Mass Grading Monitoring
• Shoring System Installation Monitoring
• Excavation Observation
• Soils Nailing and Anchoring Observation
  and Performance Testing
• Stability Evaluation of Excavations
• Tie-Back Testing/Monitoring
• Hillside Grading Monitoring
• Caissons and Drilled Piles Construction Monitoring
• Driven Pile Monitoring
• Idicator Pile Analysis
• Pavement Laydown, Asphalt, Base and Subgrade Testing
• Field Density Testing During Compaction or
  Backfilling Operations