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Geotechnical Engineering

Inspection Services
Field Observation & Testing

    1. The soils technician works under supervision of the project’s geotechnical engineer, in coordination with the project inspector, and the site superintendent;

  • 2. By reviewing approved plans, specifications and soils report, becomes familiar with the project requirements, specially grading plans and details and the recommendations outlined in the soils report;.

  • 3. Obtains representative samples of soils and earth materials for necessary laboratory testing and uses the laboratory test results for field testing and monitoring;

  • 4. Verifies that the site has been cleared and grubbed and ensures that the subgrade is prepared in accordance with approved construction documents

  • 5. Observes fill placement operations and performs required tests on compacted fill

  • 6. Monitors mass grading operations and assures that excavations, cut-slopes, fill-slopes and subgrades are prepared in compliance with the project documents and applicable codes

  • 7. Reports geotechnical related safety concerns to the project team.

  • 8. Monitors pile driving and/or pile drilling operations.

  • 9. Communicates with the project geotechnical engineer and informs the engineer of any concern, deviation, questions and needs for clarification. Also reports any encountered unforeseen situation during grading operations

  • 10. Reports the daily observations and test results to the project team on a daily basis. The report will address all the deviations and failed test results, if not corrected.